No Registration Fees, No Contract Fees, Free Trial Class

At Gym South, all classes run for one month. Most classes meet once a week for one hour. Pricing is determined by the type and length of class.

Placement in classes is decided by skill level during a free trial class. Simply call Gym South and we will put you in a Trial Class for Free! Our trial classes give you a chance to see if you like the gym and allow us to place you in the class that will be most beneficial to your skill level. Call today!

General Pricing


(Only One Discount Per Student)

  • $5 Off If Paid Before the 1st of the Month
    (only if paying monthly or a team member)
  • $20 Referral Bonus
  • 20% Sibling Discount
  • 30% Off Any Additional Class Taken in the Same Month
  • Register for 3 Months and Save 15%

  • (one discount per student)
Regular Price $5 Off If Paid Before 1st of Month 20% Sibling Discount 30% Off 2nd Class 15% Off for 3 Month Registration
Gymanstics Classes $79.00 $74.00 $63.20 $55.30 $201.45
Preschool & Tumbling Classes $69.00 $64.00 $55.20 $48.30 $175.95
Dance Classes $58.00 $53.00 $46.40 $40.60 $147.90
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