Get Moving at Gym South!

At Gym South, all classes run for one month. Most classes meet for 50 minutes. Pricing is determined by the type and length of class.

Placement in classes is decided by skill level during a free trial class. Simply call Gym South and we will put you in a Trial Class for Free! Our trial classes give you a chance to see if you like the gym and allow us to place you in the class that will be most beneficial to your skill level. Call today!

General Pricing

Yearly Registration Fee: $20 and $5 for every additional child.


(Only One Discount Per Student)

  • 15% Sibling Discount

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you start a new season?

  • We offer a month-to-month registration. You can sign up for classes when you are ready if you have completed an evaluation class.

How do I get an evaluation?

  • Evaluation classes for preschool gymnastics, girls' gymnastics, and tumbling can be scheduled on the portal.
  • Please call to schedule evaluation classes for Ninja and Boys Gymnastics

Do we have competitive programs?

  • We do have a competitive team. Team members are selected by invitation.

I have a child that has competed before and we are interested in joining a new team.

  • If your child has competed with another organization, you are able to schedule a tryout for our team in the off season.

Why am I adding a credit card?

  • Adding a card allows for seamles processing on our online portal. Your card is never automatically charged. Credit Card information is secure through our online portal. Fees wil never be processed unless you have selected the option to pay or talked with a representative from Gym South.

Do I get charged automatically?

  • NO. You can pay through the portal or call the gym and speak with one of our front desk representatives.

What is the process for make-up classes?

  • When you miss a class, you are eligible for a make-up. Give us a call and we will find another day/time to substitute for the class you missed. We make every effort to schedule makeups within the same month they are missed.

Why do I see multiple rates for the same class?

  • Classes are designed to occur a minimum of once per week or four times per month. If you are enrolling your child in the middle of a month, rates are prorated to reflect the number of days remaining in the month. You will be billed based on the number of classes in the month. (For example, if you enroll in classes that meet every Monday and you begin the second Monday of the month, you will only be billed for three classes.)

Step by Step Online Class Registration

  1. Find the class you wish to join under the Classes Tab at the top of the screen
  2. Select Enroll
  3. If Registered, select the link Already a customer? Click here to login.
  4. If NOT Registered, Complete Registration
  5. Add to Cart
  6. Select the Name of the Student to Enroll
  7. Click Add at the top of screen
  8. Checkout Now
  9. Accept Enrollment Fees and Continue
  10. Go to your Dashboard or Billing to process payment and Pay Now
  11. Classes are not confirmed until payment is processed
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